Pi·Rho Centretown

In the heart of downtown Ottawa, Pi·Rho Elgin has been providing wholesome True Food to those leading a fast paced lifestyle in the nations capital. We aim to embody what Canada is all about, connecting with our friends and family, in a warm eco-friendly environment. At Pi·Rho we've got an option for everyone, vegan, low-carb, high protein, gluten-aware, whatever your preferences, our scratch kitchen has you covered.

Hours of Operation:


Monday             NOON – 7pm

Tuesday            NOON – 7pm

Wednesday      NOON – 7pm

Thursday          NOON – 7pm

Friday                NOON – 7pm 

Saturday           NOON – 7pm

Sunday              CLOSED


346 Elgin Street

[formerly Boushey's Market]

Tel: 613.565.7171