**Open Labour Day Noon - 8pm**

Updates to our safety measures

- We continue to incorporate changes to standard procedures in our commitment to protect our team members and our valued customers. 

Working hard to serve you


- At Pi•Rho Grill we work hard to serve our customers. We want to be there for you in these uncertain times, to provide you with fresh, True Food, as a quality, safe food option.


Save time by ordering online https://order.ueat.io/integration/e398647e-aabd-4c06-9d94-f101e3afc527/en-CA#/


For the safety of our community and team, we have introduced touchless services and mobile pickups, in addition to constant disinfection of all areas and other initiatives aimed at 'flattening the curve'.  




The health and safety of our staff and customers are of the utmost importance, Therefore we will be closing our service line "In person ordering" to protect both our customers and hardworking staff. We continue to operate with our touchless services. 

Online or phone orders options:

① Curbside Pickup


  1. Order Online

  2. Drive to Pi•Rho Grill

  3. Call us upon arrival (we will bring to your car)

② Touchless Takeout


  1. Order Online

  2. Walk into Pi•Rho Grill

  3. Pickup at designated table


We are in the process of adding healthful family style meals, new delivery partners and other exciting options to our menu. In the meantime, eat well and stay safe!


- The Pi•Rho team 💚